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This our first site ever, actually, it's a lot! We don't own any of these animes, and not making money out of this site...Some of the stuff is ours...Send comments, deaththreats, reactions, or others.

The media here are for trial purposes only...You have to buy them if you wanna keep them [more than 24 hours]. Note--->All the character names here are in the format: First Name-Last Name No more e-mailing us about that, okeih?
[PaST] WhaT's NeW ? FROm HiEi&YukInA
WhaT's NeW ?

October 22 '00-Added FF7 pics; Added new Games section for FF8; Added lotsa Vision of Escaflowne pics; Modified Poll...The A-HoME is, now...[Actually tomorrow]...12 months old!!! We're one year old!!! ÜÜÜ

Happy Birthday, A-HoME...Happy Birthday, A-HoME...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday, A-HoME!!!

Please read FROm HiEi&YukInA


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