FROm HiEi&YukInA

October 22 '00
Y: Guess what?! Guess what?!
H: ...What?!
Y: The A-HoME's gonna be one year old tomorrow!!!
H: Really?!
Y: Yeah!!! I just checked up on it...Didn't know the months few by so fast...*teary-eyed*
H: This is really great, Yukina-chan!!!
Y: Good thing we had time to do an update now...We won't be able to do one tomorrow...
H: ...Manni-san, we're really sorry about the negligence that seems prominent...We won't be able to make this a grand celebration...But we'll make it up to you...
Y: We promise!!! Oh...Please post on our message board...And sign the GB...
H: Hey, we modified the Poll, too...Check it out!!!
Y: HiEi&YukInA's A-HoME is one year old...Whaddathink so far?

September 4 '00
Y: Oh, gawd!!! This is the first time in months that we were able to update...
H: Yeah...Really, really...
Y: Sorry. We have been oh-so-busy...
H: The next time we may be able to update is...We don't know...
Y: But, the site is 10 months old!!! Yihee!!!
H: The July, and August Poll is extended...
Y: Yeah...Please vote. Sign our GB, too...PlzZzZzZzZzZzZz...
H: Ja.

July 2 '00
Y: Finally, we got to upload a couple of DesktopThemes, MP3s, and Videos.
H: Yeah.
Y: BTW, those Tamahome/Taka Sukunami/Kishuku Sou fans...Did you remember to greet him last June 28? If you did, or did not...Whatever...Go to !!!
H: Lots of new wallpapers...Check them out.
Y: BTW, we got a new award!!! Whoo-hoo!!!
H: Hey...Post, sign, or vote...Airight?
Y: There's a new poll for Rurouni Kenshin fans, too!!!

June 23 '00
Y: Oh, wow...An update...
H: Finally.
Y: We're really sorry for that. Anywayz, today is our 8th month anniversary!!! Yeaba!!! Awwwww...We were supposed to have our 1st year anniversary today...=<.
H: It's alright, Yukina. Cheer up...
Y: I'll try...
H: Well, manni-san, school's really busy, too.
Y: Please sign the GB. Vote for our site...And vote for the May&June Poll, too. It's gonna end soon. Also, post a message on our board. For notifications of different stuff, join our Mailing List...

May 23 '00
Y: Weow!!! The Fushigi Yuugi, and Visions of Escaflowne StoPS are open!!!
H: To all you fans...This is what you have waited for. Check it out. This is to celebrate our 7th month anniversary.
Y: Tell us what you think!!! Those who're waiting for the MP3s, Desktop Themes, and Videos...Gomen. Please bear with us. Oh, and we'll be having another update next week maybe.
H: Yeah...We'll be trying to fix everything up, before school starts.
Y: We'll be going on a short trip this weekend!...Y'know, we got this new anime movie. It looks really good. I think it's the latest from the makers of Princess Mononoke. It's in Japanese, but it's fine.
H: Anyway, keep checking out the A-HoME, okeih? Ja.

May 10, '00
Y: Hi!!! This is our first update, since we came back! Tried to fix some stuff up, already...
H: Yeah...There's a hell lotta stuff coming up...
Y: Ready for Vision of Escaflowne, and Fushigi Yuugi!!! Grand Opening on May 23, 2000!!!
H: Hey...The Videos, and MP3s are still on their way...We will have a style, for you guyz to download.
Y: Sign our GB!!! Vote, too!!!

April 23 '00
Y: Hi, Manni-san!!! It's great to be back on line after 4 long months of not being accessible!
H: Hey...Damn, man...A server gave us a hard time...We had to re-post our site...
Y: And being that our site is so big, it took us a long time, and still is. Also, not all the StoPS, and everything about it is accessible...Please bear with us...Gomen, and arigatou.

December 14 '99
Y: Hi, manni-san!!! As Christmas is coming near, we will be very busy due to lots of presentations and stuff.
H: Watch out for more Stops coming.
Y: Sign, and vote!!!

December 2 '99
Y: Gomen...This is our longest time for not updating...We were both sick.
H: But Yukina-chan's condition was worse. She even had to be confined in the hospital.
Y: Anyway, we're both fine now!!! Our site became five months old last November 23.
H: Yeah...Didn't get to update...Oh yeah, the Vision of Escaflowne Stops is on it's way.
Y: Sign, sign!!! Vote, vote!!!

November 16 '99
Y: Gomen for not updating for awhile. Our PC got busted...And we're really getting serious regarding our studies...Furthermore, we got lots of practices, and stuff.
H: Anyway, we've decided to give our visitors more of what they want. Thus, we starting to put up FAQ pages, though we've only got FF8 at the moment. Mail us if you have requests.
Y: Oh, lookie!!! We got a new award! Oh, and don't forget to sign our GB, and vote!!!

November 1 '99
Y: Belated Happy Halloween!!!
H: You guyz go to the VoTE foR uS place, 'keih?
Y: Please vote, and sign our GB!!! Tell us what you think of the new StoP, and our Other Halves.

October 23 '99
Y: To commemorate our 4th month anniversary, we've decided to officially open the RuROuni KenSHiN StoPS!!!
H: Well...And you guyz go to the VoTE foR uS place too.
Y: Please vote, and sign our GB!!! Tell us what you think of the new StoP, too...Not to mention, our Other Halves.

October 19 '99
H&Y: Hey, manni-san...Check out our...
H: Hn...'Other Halves'...
Y: 'Other Halves'!!!

October 6 '99
Y: Gomen again for updating late, manni-san...Anyway, please vote for us, and sign our GB...And what do you think of our new font?

October 2 '99
Y: Gomen again for updating late, manni-san...Anyway, please vote for us, and sign our GB...

September 24 '99
Y: We're sorry for not updating yesterday, when we celebrated our 3 month anniversary!!! Anyway, please read our fanfics, and sign our GB, and vote for us...Arigatou.

September 19 '99
Y: Manni-san, gomen for not updating for quite a while due to a very busy schedule.
H: Luckily we found time...Not to mention having to upload big files.
Y: Anyway, we please read our very first FF7 Fanfic. Don't forget to sign the GB, and vote for us...
H: And get the English Version of Final Fantasy 8 now!!!

September 1 '99
H: Look out for our Rurouni Kenshin Stop, and Vision of Escaflowne Stop coming soon...Oh, and the official Final Fantasy 8, English Version, is coming out on September 9!!!

August 23 '99
Y: The A-HoMe's two months old!!! Yey!!!
H: Yeah...Look out for our Rurouni Kenshin Stop, and Vision of Escaflowne Stop coming soon.

August 14 '99
Y: Hi, everyone!!! We just received our first award!!! Check it out. We've also added a White Cross Gallery. Take a look. There's some really cute guys! Aya looks like Kenshin.
H: Oh, and we'll be adding a Rurouni Kenshin Stop, and Vision of Escaflowne Stop soon.

August 1 '99
Y: Manni-san, Oniisan and I decided to have a seperate pages for Winamp Skins and Wallpapers...
H: For easier navigation, and faster loading.
Y: We'll be having a busy week, due to our many tests in school. So, we don't know if we can update this week.
H: Just vote in the August Poll, vote for us...
Y: And don't forget to sign the gb!!!

July 30 '99
Y: Manni-san, please vote for us!
H: Sign our guestbook, too!

July 23 '99
Y: One month, Oniisan...One month!!!
H: I know...
Y: I'm so happy!
H: It's a good thing classes were suspended. Now, we have more time to work on the site.
Y: Manni-san, please vote for us and sign our guestbook!

July 16 '99
Y: Update time!!!
H: Yeah, I know...You know, you're so enthusiastic about it, coz you're not the one who has to upload the stuff...
Y: Hehe...

July 10 '99
Y: Hiei-san, it's a good thing we got to update today.
H: I know. School's been really busy.
H&Y: Gomen, everyone...We'll update again sometime next week.

June 22'99
Y: Niisan, I'm so excited with our Grand Opening!
H: Come on, Yukina-chan, let's get some sleep. We still have to go to school.
Y: Hai.

June 18 '99
Y: Hiei-san, it's been quite a while, and we still haven't posted up our site!
H: I know, i know. We've been real busy, but I promise you we're gonna post it up no later than July 1.
Y: Really?
H: Honto desu.
Y: Thanks, Niisan.

June 6 '99
H: Yukina, when are we gonna post up the site? School's gonna start tomorrow.
Y: Nani?!
H: School's gonna start tomorrow.
Y: Demo...
H: I know. We haven't posted up the site.
Y: We're uploading it already!
H: But, we can't open it until the whole thing is up.
Y: ...School's gonna keep us from working on our site!
H: We'll manage somehow.
Y: ...
H: We will.
Y: I hope so.