[PaST] WhaT's NeW ?

September 4 '00-Added a new FF7 Video Page; Added the MP3 for FY's Opening Theme, Itooshi Hitoro Tameni; Some Other Anime Music downloadable; Added YYH's Tasogare Ni Se O Mukete.mp3; July, and August Poll is extended!!! Vote now!!!

July 1 '00-FF8 Videos downloadable; Added a new wallpaper page for Rurouni Kenshin; 1 Saint Seiya MP2 downloadable; GunDam Wing Wallpapers added; Some Other Anime Music downloadable; New Tenchi Muyo! DesktopTheme; Modified Poll; Got Award!!!

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May 10 '00-Lyrics&Music is now known as Music Stuff; Added FF7 Digital Music, and Music Sheets; Added FF8 Lyrics, and Music Sheets
VISION of ESCAFLOWNE, and FUSHIGI YUUGI hope-to-be-opening on May 23!!!

April 23 '00-The long awaited return of HiEi&YukInA's A-HoME has arrived...Please wait for the newest update

December 14 '99-Added a new gallery for Sailor Moon; Added more Slayers pics; Added Other Anime Lyrics: Evangelion, Slayers, and Tenchi Muyo; Added WhaT's GoIn' oN

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October 2 '99-Added a new Other Anime Gallery, Utena Gallery; Added a new YYH Fanfic entitled Trial of Death by Chrislea the Mouse; Modified Poll

September 24 '99-Added the MP3 of two of Saint Seiya's Songs, Lullaby, and Only for Love, and also, the BGM of an Xenogears song, The Treasure Which can not be Stolen

September 19 '99-Added the MP3 of one of Saint Seiya's Songs, Love is Forever, and our very first FF7 Fanfic entitled Of Tissues and Ribbons!

September 1 '99-Added the MP3 of YYH's 5th or last ending theme, Daydream Generation; Modified Poll

August 23 '99-Added two lyrics in Yu Yu Hakusho

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August 1 '99-Fixed the HoME up; Modified Poll; Added Other Anime Winamp Skins

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July 23 '99-Added lots of Yu Yu Hakusho sound clips, and Neon Genesis Evangelion pictures

July 17 '99-Added a few links

July 16 '99-Added the MP3 of Final Fantasy 8's Theme Song, Eyes on Me, and the lyrics to the song

July 11 '99-Just joined another voting thing and added a voting page...

July 10 '99-Added the Complete MIDI Collection of FF7; Added the MP3 of Xenogears' Theme Song, Small of Two Pieces; Added a few links; Fixed the place up

July 2 '99-Modified Poll

June 23 '99-Everything is!!!