September 4, 2000
This news article concerns RPG fans.

I Didn't Get That...
by Hiei&Yukina

Still haven't bought that 4-CD Final Fantasy 8? Have we got some great news for you.

Due to its success, FF8 has been added to Sony's Greatest Hits Collection. In effect, its price will drop down to $19.95.

'But, what's the use of doing that?' You ask.

When games are seen to be oh-so successful, they tend to lose their success, right? Sony decided to make the Greatest Hits Collection, to continue their success. After a million copies are sold, the game's price is dropped to less than 50% of the original price.

This is proven to be a nice move, for the same thing happened with 1997's Final Fantasy 7. Even though it seemed that almost every PSX-driven household had the game, its sales continued to increase. That is until now.

In Final Fantasy 8's case...We'll see. The 'Teen Drama RPG' is a great game, worth playing and worth owning. Hmmm...While you're at it, don't forget FF7, too...

Now, isn't that something? Be sure to get a copy now!

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