July 2, 2000
This news article concerns AXN-Asia Anime Fans.

The Marathon by Hiei&Yukina

Last June 25, Sunday, or rather, the whole month of June, Anime has taken over the television screen. AXN-Asia held their 3rd Anime Marathon.

This showcased different Anime OVAs and lasted for 12 hours. The notable Fushigi Yuugi OVA was shown from 10:00a to 2:00p [That was from our time zone.]. GOGs followed for a brief thirty minutes, and next was Wave of Rage. What followed was an action-packed movie, whose title we have seen all over the web. It is the police-inclined show of You are Under Arrest. This was followed by the futuristic, and controversial Blue Submarine No. 6. Since they started with love, AXN ended with love. To top it all off, Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2 was shown at 9:00p to 11:00p.

AXN started with different movies every June weekend night to initialize the Anime Marathon. They showed Samurai Showdown, the Art of Fighting, Akira, Blue Submarine No. 6, the Wave of Rage, and You Are Under Arrest.

And aside from these gorgeous animes, AXN has been touring Asia, feauturing well-known Animators from different studios.

In line with this, they have announced the winners of the AXN Anime Hero Drawing Contest. Jhomar M. Soriano, of Pasig City, Philippines, grabbed 3rd place. Regie P. Manabath, of San Juan, Philippines, landed with 2nd place. Lastly, with his Hero named 'Vacuum Man', Ekasith Pairath, of Bangkok, Thailand, won 1st place. Congratulations!!!

What an Anime-filled month June was!!! We just hope that every month will be like it!!!

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